Marijuana Tax Revenue Gets Sky High in CO, Could LA Be Next?
Jul 20 2017

Marijuana Tax Revenue Goes Sky High in Colorado; Could Louisiana Be Next?

By: Jordan Selesnick

Marijuana proponents are celebrating a major milestone in the politics of the Colorado cannabis culture. Since the inception of its legality in 2014, legal cannabis has been accumulating an exponentially increasing amount of tax revenue. As seen in the photo below, Colorado received $500 million dollars in revenue this year from cannabis sales only. It is even said that taxes were collected from more than $3.6 billion of combined recreational and medical cannabis sales since 2014.

Marijuana Tax Revenue Gets Sky High in CO, Could LA Be Next?

Matt Connolly, a cannabis journalist, wrote that the revenue is "enough to send nearly 3,400 Colorado students to the University of Colorado, Boulder, for free."

Colorado is redirecting much of the new revenue toward improving their public school systems. The news is inspiring for states all over the country looking for an alternative way to increase their state budget and help support public institutions like schools as well.

Could Louisiana be next to introduce a marijuana sales bill into legislation? Tell us your thoughts in the comments section. 

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