Mardi Gras May Look a Little Different Under New Regulations

09:30 December 05, 2019
By: Graham Andreae

This Mardi Gras season looks like it might be a little bit different. Reporting from indicates that the city will be placing regulation on what can be thrown during Mardi Gras along with a number of new regulations for the season. The New Orleans Mayor's staff indicated that it was part of an effort to make Mardi Gras cleaner.

Specifically the smaller, more troublesome plastic bags the krewe members would be prohibited from throwing, but the larger sturdier bags would still be allowed. The defining characteristic of the legal bags would be zippers and handles. The city cited logistical concerns when discussing the reason for regulating what krewes can throw. Also the krewes would not be allowed more than 12 dancing groups or marching bands before the floats as well as a limit to only one band or dance group between floats.

In addition to plastic regulation the use of toilet paper in parades would be limited to biodegradable paper. These regulations, according to the Mayor's office, would be part of an effort to make Mardi Gras cleaner overall. The krewes were consulted in this process and after raising the city's concerns with the various organizations the regulations were proposed.

Should the legislation come to pass it would impact the 2020 season. Some though, have argued that a more sustainable Mardi Gras is a good thing for the city. The decreased waste would help minimize the resources required to bring the city back to normal. We will find out when the legislation is passed by the full council.

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