Make Iced Coffee At Home With PJ's Coffee New Cold Brew Bean Bags

11:18 October 12, 2016
By: Lindsay Kornick

Making iced coffee often consists of pouring hot coffee over ice. PJ’s Coffee, however, takes the product one step further to create a superior and well-tasting coffee product. For those eager to try their iced product at home, PJ’s Coffee is officially releasing its new Cold Brew Bean Bags for a limited time.

Unlike many coffee shops, PJ’s Coffee creates its special Cold Brew Ice Coffee through a cold-drip process. This technique preserves the flavor of the bean as well as produces a product that is, on average, two-thirds less acidic than regular iced coffee. Created by PJ’s founder, this technique has been used for more than thirty years in all of PJ’s various locations.

Make Iced Coffee At Home With PJ's Coffee New Cold Brew Bean Bags

Now, PJ’s is giving its customers a chance to experience their special brew of iced coffee from their own homes. According to the product, making Cold Brew Ice Coffee involves filling a pitcher with 32oz. of filtered water, gently adding one cold brew bean bag, and steeping it in a refrigerator for 12 hours to create iced coffee concentrate. Once those steps are completed, mix one part PJ's Cold Brew iced coffee concentrate with equal parts water or milk to create PJ’s Signature Iced Coffee. With simple instructions like that, creating delicious iced coffee can be both simple and satisfying.

PJ’s Coffee’s new Cold Brew Bean Bags are available for purchase at all PJ’s Coffee locations and additional select grocery stores later this month. In addition, customers can find the Cold Brew Bean Bags at,, and in-store at Rouses until October 15. The product costs about $10.99 with each box containing four Cold Brew Bean Bags, equal to thirty-two servings.

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