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Loyola University Partners with HackerU to Teach Cybersecurity and Digital Marketing

09:00 November 03, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Online scammers, scalpers, and criminals have been a threat for as long as the internet has been around, but the snakes have truly come out of the grass with the recent COVID pandemic. New Orleans is known for many things, but technological savvy is not one of its celebrated facets. Loyola University is making a push to change this with its partnership with HackerUSA, through which both of them will attempt to better educate the city and help to safeguard against cybercrime and promote business in the online plane.

The Cybersecurity Bootcamp provides hands-on and foundational information for, as you might have surmised, safe practices on the internet. This is not just a crash course on what links to click and what links to avoid, though; much of the Cybersecurity Bootcamp is dedicated to instilling skills and higher-learning in participants, to the degree that they can be qualified for jobs directly involved in the workforce's cybersecurity fields. Alongside the Digital Marketing Bootcamp, this course will run for a 10-month period.

The Digital Marketing Bootcamp is the second and more business-minded of the two courses put on by HackerUSA and Loyola University. Focused on giving participants business savvy and the esoteric knowledge that comes specifically with the digital side of marketing, this course spans topics from search engine optimization to data analytics and has the same goal of instilling professional-level skill sets as its cybersecurity counterpart. The CEO of HackerUSA had this to say about both of the programs: "The Loyola University Digital Skills Bootcamps are a great opportunity for those eager to gain the technical skills and career support needed to break into New Orleans's booming tech industry or even launch a startup of their own."

Both of these courses will be taught by mavens in their field who have a dependable background in the respective areas, so if you are an up-and-coming digital entrepreneur or are looking to adapt your business to the COVID-adjusted world, give these two digital bootcamps some serious consideration.

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