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Louisiana’s Trash Service Stinks!

15:00 December 09, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

According to a nationwide study, Louisiana has got a serious need to clean up its act in the garbage disposal department. LawnStarter has recently published a study detailing the best and worst states regarding waste management, and Louisiana has not ranked favorably. With an admittedly pathetic ranking of 20.07 on a scale that goes up to 70.56, it is clear that our waste-disposal systems are outright ineffective. However, even though Louisiana was trashed in the rankings, we still didn't rate at the very bottom of the barrel. A variety of top-five rankings, including fewest large waste facilities per 100,000 residents or fewest recycling centers on the same metric, were provided, and Louisiana, thankfully, did not place among any of them. That said, we also did not place among any of the top fives of good qualities, which are inversions of the previously mentioned statistics (think, most recycling centers and the like.)

One of the most cited causes for the recent decrease in proper waste management is the source of most of our woes in recent months: COVID-19. The recent lockdown and ensuing health regulations have forced us all to rely on paper, plastic, and other disposables even more heavily than we already do. Unfortunately, discarded facemasks or similar items are now a common sight when walking even a mildly populated street. The increased waste stream resulting from our largely increased time indoors has only exacerbated the problem.

Louisiana has made great strides in recent years in waste management, with recycling regulations and a large number of civil services aiding the cause. Our entire state has a very consumer-based economy with an emphasis on food, which will inevitably lead to a large amount of paper and plastic waste. We just need to figure out how to better dispose of it. Hopefully, once we get through the pandemic, we can begin to climb the rungs of the waste-management ladder and ameliorate our currently undesirable placement.

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