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Louisiana’s Economic Impact Goes Live: Report Publishes Importance of Live Music

13:00 August 24, 2021
By: Re'gine Smith

There's no way to escape the sounds of Louisiana. The rhythm and soul of Louisiana music can capture the attention of many people, whether they're born and raised here or not. Louisiana's music can give rise to emotions and thoughts you never knew you could feel or think. The music can also set the tone for different occasions, help get things started in our daily lives, and probably influence our decision-making.

We enjoy the music of Louisiana and we enjoy sharing it just as much. We hold the different genres so close and put forth the effort in keeping them alive. Zydeco, Cajun, Creole, and swamp pop are among the many kinds of music that anyone could get into. Everyone has their own preference, and Louisiana can definitely offer a sound that you are most interested in. One of the best ways to hear your favorite sounds or artists is by experiencing them both live on stage. Live performances take the music scene to another level and give this sort of satisfying effect.

According to Oxford Economics' latest report, concerts and live entertainment industry have a $879 million total economic impact in Louisiana, generates 8,434 jobs in the state, and contributes to state and local taxes.

According to an article from WAFB News of Baton Rouge, as of March 3, music festivals had to "operate with capacity at 50% while continuing social distancing measures." A lot of events were canceled or postponed since the start of the pandemic. Oxford Handbooks Online said, "Tourism is the city's largest industry." The article writer, Matt Sakakeeny, also stated, "…in New Orleans alone there are approximately twenty-eight thousand live music "gigs" each year, an average of seventy-seven per day." Keep in mind, the publication of this article was in 2015. Of course, a lot has changed since then. Louisiana is so dependent on its tourism and artistic feel. Although there seems to have been quite a downfall due to COVID, the state is shaking back slowly but surely.

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