Louisiana Unemployment Rate is Currently Lowest on Record
May 21 2019

Louisiana Unemployment Rate is Currently Lowest on Record

By: Reed Darcey

April saw the adjusted unemployment rate of Louisiana fall to 3.5%, the state's lowest figure since 1976, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The New Orleans labor force grew by 1600 jobs. The workforce of Baton Rouge similarly spiked, as 1300 jobs were added to the capitol.

The news pleases Workforce Commission Director Ava Dejoie: "We have work to do. We want to continue to provide opportunity to our citizens, but when we have people working, that's always a good sign."

Of all industries education and healthcare grew the most, according to Dejoie. "Both in the seasonal figures and the non-seasonal figures, those occupations have shown significant increases," she said.

April's seasonally adjusted rate of unemployment is 0.2 percentage points smaller than that of March, another indication of positive growth.

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