Louisiana Students Get ?Virus Refund? of $24 Million
Jun 25 2020

Louisiana Students Get “Virus Refund” of $24 Million

By: John Glover

Louisiana state colleges announced that they were reimbursing college students this week, the Associated Press reported.

Back in mid-March, virtually every college in the country terminated its in-person operations, exceptions for students with special accommodations, such as foreign nationals here on visas, notwithstanding. The updated coronavirus threat level seemed to knock off a line of dominos. One minute, all the colleges were chugging along. The next, they were closing, one after the next.

The unprecedented closures triggered a mass exodus of undergraduates, who suddenly found themselves without a roof over their heads. For those students who made payments in advance for accommodations they never received, Louisiana public colleges are paying them back.

The Louisiana Board of Regents, the governing body of the state university system, dealt with the particulars in a meeting last week. Colleges involved in the announcement included LSU, The University of Louisiana at Lafayette, and historically black college or university (HBCU) Southern University in Baton Rouge.

The millions in refunds primarily consisted of, but were not limited to, housing costs. Some of the money also went to cover the cost of aborted meal plans.

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