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Louisiana Ranked Only the 12th Most Fun State in America…Obviously by Mistake

17:00 June 21, 2021
By: Olivia Longoria

According to WalletHub's "2021's Most Fun States in America," Louisiana is only the 12th most fun state in America. WalletHub, there has clearly been a mistake. For context, this conclusion was somehow reached by a ranking system that generates a score by comparing entertainment, nightlife, and costs. Other specific factors included most festivals and restaurants per capita. While this scale is well thought out and effective in ranking other, more generically defined states, it isn't capable of capturing, much less ranking, all that Louisiana has to offer. Where is the neighborhood jazz concert category? What about a bracket for best cemetery or best absinthe house? Can you visit Nicholas Cage's prebuilt pyramid mausoleum in Illinois? Didn't think so. Although very important and equally delicious, Louisiana isn't just beignets and crawfish. Louisiana is 400 festivals a year, cherished marsh wildlife, jazz capitol of the world, 64 colorful parishes, football season, and the most close-knit sense of community you'll find across the country.

Each of the 304 cities, towns, and villages in the state has something unique to offer. New Orleans is quite literally known for 'round the clock vibrancy, which of course includes the unforgettable nightlife, but isn't limited to that in the slightest. The festive, communal, melting pot spirit of New Orleans is found in every moment of the day. Almost every fence of every house in New Orleans has beads strung about, making every commute a colorful one! Sure, Nevada might have Gordan Ramsey's restaurant, but what is that in uniqueness compared to the best po-boy you'll ever find being from Adam's Street, a tiny neighborhood grocery store on Oak. Yeah, Florida has great beaches, but so does Louisiana, with the addition of being able to sip a daiquiri with your toes in the sand. That's right, sip your favorite local beer in public

enough said. It's true that New York and California have fantastic shopping, but they don't have an antique store, with a name as cool as Disco Warehouse, that hosts an artist's-market-crawfish-boil-drink-beer-awesome-party every weekend! Is it even necessary to mention the 1.4 million visitors that take to the streets during Mardi Gras, a two weeklong party?

Okay, you get it, Louisiana is awesome. This is only the tip of the iceberg, and that's not even including the specificities of Mardi Gras! The thing that makes Louisiana so fun is that everything is an experience. Brunch isn't just brunch; it's 25c martini jazz brunch at Commanders Palace. A park day isn't just a park day; it's loading up a cooler and basking under the 100-year-old oak trees. Going out isn't just going out; it's riding the streetcar to the French Quarter and making 10 new friends. Needless to say, it's obvious that Louisiana was only ranked anything but 1st due to some grave error in the ranking system. To see the blasphemy for yourself, visit No hard feelings…as long as you agree.

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