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Louisiana Named 3rd Best State for a Summer Road Trip

15:00 June 25, 2021
By: Marigny Lanaux

Going on a nice vacation is something many US citizens aim to do every summer. Now more than ever, taking a trip has been on the mind of many because of the pandemic. People are planning to finally get out of their hometowns by traveling safely.

According to a recent 2021 Vrbo study examining travel trends, US citizens are 59% more likely to drive to their ideal destination rather than fly. When using a car to travel, you can turn a long, exhausting car ride into an exciting road trip. This allows you and the company you're traveling with to see more by planning to stop in many different states, cities, or towns.

Planning a trip is relatively easy once you select the destination. WalletHub, the first website to ever offer free credit and financial advice, conducted a recent study to see which US state is the most cost-effective and fun destination. The study compared all 50 states, examining three key dimensions: costs, safety, and activities.

When taking a road trip, there are a lot of smaller factors that must be considered as well. These factors include gas prices, scenic routes, accommodations, the number of attractions, and the cost of car repairs in the area. Once all 50 states were compared, WalletHub listed Louisiana as the 3rd best road trip destination to visit this summer. Louisiana was also ranked number one in having the lowest average gas prices, which boosted its ranking in being a great state for a road trip.

Additionally, the state of Louisiana has many attractions, including swamp tours, the Cajun Boudin Trail, the USS Kidd Veterans Museum, and the French Quarter. Something that appeals to families is that many of the attractions in Louisiana are family-friendly and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.

By planning a road trip to Louisiana, you will be relatively safe and enjoy yourself, all while not breaking the bank.

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