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Louisiana is for Nerds

11:00 October 22, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Despite these very divisive times, Americans have nonetheless found one thing to (mostly) agree upon: their favorite Halloween candy.

According to a very recent poll put out by the crowdsource ranking site Ranker, most states across the country share overall similar or identical views on their favorite candy bars and treats. In fact, the results are so decisive that there are a few candy bars that can be rightly referred to as the trinity of America's sweets. Most states prefer either a Twix bar, a Kit Kat, or a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. While these unsurprisingly dominate the playing field, it is surprising that household candy names like M&Ms are only the favorite candy in two of our 50 states, those being New Jersey and Tennessee.

Still, the candy domination is not total. Our home state of Louisiana, perhaps unexpectedly, favors the boxed Nerds candy above all else. Our next-door neighbors in Mississippi also share Nerds as their favorite, and we have a distant comrade in Rhode Island sharing the same sentiment. On the topic of outliers, we see Oregon with a wholly different type of candy, unlike any other states' favorites. The Caramel Apple Pop is the favorite Halloween candy of the Beaver State, and it is the sole representative of the comparatively niche treat.

Part of the impetus behind Ranker performing this study was the simple fact that Halloween will be missing an integral part of its modern identity this year. Trick-or-treating is by-and-large not happening, and much of our customary exchange of candy will be cancelled alongside it. That said, you can still enjoy your favorite candy with your family and friends while socially distant this Halloween, so try to take solace in what we do have available to us—which is good candy—rather than what we do not.

You can view Ranker's original published article on America's favorite candies HERE.

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