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Louisiana is Among the Most Dangerous States

10:00 June 04, 2020
By: Sofia Gomez Alonso

According to Wallethub, as of May 2020, the coronavirus pandemic has left behind 100,000 deaths and around 1.7 million people have been infected in the U.S. alone. COVID-19 remains at the top when it comes to safety concerns, but there are a number of other hazards, such as hate crimes and natural disasters, that endanger the lives of Americans across the country. Even though dangers are present within every state of America, some are better equipped to respond and prevent damage.

A study conducted by Wallethub ranked Louisiana as the second most dangerous state in the country, after Mississippi. In order to produce the overall rank, the investigation combined four dimensions: personal and residential safety, financial safety, road safety, and workplace safety. Out of the four indicators, the state of Louisiana ranked highest in road safety, occupying position number 34. The lowest ranking that the state had was in financial safety, earning place number 49. Louisiana also had some of the highest rates of bullying and unemployment, as well as the highest total loss amount from climate disasters per capita. The study concluded that the overall safest state was Maine, followed by Vermont.

The four safety dimensions were based on data from a number of indicators that were compiled and later used to produce the overall rank. Some of the indicators included in the measurement of personal and residential safety included sex offenders per capita and number of mass shootings. Similarly, the dimension of financial safety measured factors such as unemployment and poverty rates. For road safety, the study took into account things like road quality and fatalities per 100 million vehicle miles of travel. Finally, the measurement of workplace safety focused on data related to injuries and illnesses per 10,000 full-time workers and fatal occupation injuries per 100,000 full-time workers.

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