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Louisiana Has Unique Sense of Humor, Study Proves

09:00 June 23, 2020
By: Caroline Hebert

HBO Max, an online streaming platform used to access HBO's vast catalogue of TV series, movies, and comedy shows, was recently put under study by Using Google Ads, OnBuy was able to gather information relating to every state's favorite comedy shows and how long it would take to binge-watch them.

Louisiana's favorite comedy show is Barry, a comedy "noir"-meets-crime thriller about the life of hitman Barry Berkman. It would take eight hours and 24 minutes to binge-watch both of its first two seasons. Louisiana was the only state to prefer Barry, proving that our great state has its own particular comic appreciation, unique in the country.

Curb Your Enthusiasm, starring Larry David, is the most popular HBO comedy show in America. This show appears on the top of the list in 15 major states, such as New York and Florida. Another top-ranked series in 15 different states is Run.

According to the study, the East Coast of America prefers Curb Your Enthusiasm and Run, while the West Coast is made up of fans of Silicon Valley. Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia all love the four-seasons show Insecure.

"A bright spot for HBO has always been their comedy programming. This research highlights each US state's most popular HBO comedy show. The diverse selection between states does not only represent the great entertainment value these comedy shows provide, but the lasting mark they are leaving on pop culture,"Cas Paton, managing director of said.

If you are looking for a quick binge-watch series, try Family Tree or Run, both with only one season, which will therefore only take three or four hours to watch in their entirety. Searching for a show to get more invested in? Curb Your Enthusiasm, with 10 seasons, will take almost three days to complete; Silicon Valley, with six seasons, would require about a day and nine hours to complete; and Insecure, with four seasons, needs about 19 hours of your time.

That's a lot of laughs.

For more information on the study and to see where your favorite HBO comedy fits in, click HERE.

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