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Louisiana Has the 10th Fewest Parents Working From Home

08:00 December 30, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Even while the current health crisis is placing an extreme emphasis on isolation, a recent research venture by has given numbers to a statistic that many may have already suspected or may even be a living part of. Louisiana has a considerably smaller number of parents who work from home than most of the nation. Analyzing the Louisiana-centric portion of the study reveals that only a paltry 29.7 percent of our state's parents have remote-friendly jobs.

These results are not unexpected, considering how much of our statewide economy is incumbent upon hands-on work, but nonetheless, it is a worrying statistic, considering the again-rising COVID-19 infection rate. Interestingly enough, there is a large disparity between Louisiana's fathers and mothers in regards to the percentages of remote-friendly jobs and who must still attend work on-site—a whopping 8 percent higher than the disparity of the nation as a whole. Only 20.5 percent of Louisiana's fathers are in remote-friendly jobs, while a considerably larger 38.5 percent of mothers are able to reasonably work from home.

Working from home has a wide swath of benefits and detriments, as everyone in the workforce has experienced by now. If you have children, earning your wages from home gives you the ability to attend to your kids, should they need immediate attention for an important reason, but it also gives way to frequent distractions or an inability to consistently focus. This is troubling especially for Louisiana, though, because we have such a high number of single-mother households that have to deal with the struggle of winning bread and the simultaneous demands of raising a child.

The data from which has extracted these results came from both the U.S. Census Bureau and the University of Chicago. You can view the full report by clicking HERE.

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