Louisiana Governor Edwards Signs New Medical Marijuana Legislation

14:52 May 19, 2016
By: Staff

John Bel Edwards, the governor of Louisiana, has just passed a bill into law which will make medical marijuana available to patients in the near future.  This is the first time in Louisiana’s history that any such bill has been made into law.

Edwards’ motivations for signing this bill came mostly from grievances that have been aired by parents of children who have chronic seizures and epilepsy.  These parents often have a lot of trouble finding an effective treatment for their children, and medical marijuana is known to greatly help the effects of epilepsy and chronic seizures.

This issue hits fairly close to home for Gov. Edwards, as one of his family friends and a resident of his hometown, Katie Corkern, has a son who suffers from daily seizures and has become disabled after years of this.  Edwards’ wife, Donna Edwards, had a big influence on the Governor’s signing of the bill and pushed heavily for him to pass it into law.

The signing of this bill will not have immediate effects, but it paves the way for medical marijuana being prescribed to people with diseases like epilepsy, which are very difficult to treat, and medical marijuana has been all but proven to be one of the best treatment methods for it.

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