Louisiana Dead Last in New U.S. News & World Report
Mar 01 2017

Louisiana Dead Last in New U.S. News & World Report "Best States" Rankings

By: Brittany Karno

U.S. News & World Report assigned Louisiana as last in “Best States” rankings on Tuesday, February 28. U.S. News & World Report allocated the most weight to health care (16 percent) and education (14 percent). Infrastructure, crime and corrections, and opportunity carried 14 percent; economy held 13 percent and government held 10 percent.

Sources used to calculate the rankings included: government, academic, and private research. All data "should be from 2013 or later," the report said. Louisiana scored 50 in crime and corrections; 49 in opportunity; 46 in education, economy, and government; and 45 in healthcare.

Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Washington ranked first through fifth overall. Mississippi ranked next to last, followed by Arkansas, Alabama, and New Mexico.

“I think a lot of the political pushback you're seeing from voters in a lot of places is a reflection of that. Washington has become too powerful. It has too much influence over people's lives,” said Brian Kelley, editor and chief content officer at U.S. News.

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