Louisiana Abortion Case Heard By Supreme Court

16:29 March 04, 2020
By: Camryn Cohen

Today in Washington, Louisiana solicitor general Liz Murrill stood before the Supreme Court to defend a Louisiana state law that could have harrowing effects for pro-choice advocates across the country.

This law would require providers to have admitting privileges at local hospitals. There is a 30-mile radius limitation and many fear it could impact pre-existing clinics in the state. The basis of Murrill's argument is that abortion clinics in Louisiana have created "life-threatening life safety" issues for women who want or need an abortion for medical reasons.

Act 620 passed in the Louisiana Legislature in a bipartisan vote in 2014 but has never actually gone into effect. If the law does go into effect, it will directly represent the effect the Trump administration has had on our country. This law is likely to trigger a domino effect and could potentially lead to fetal heartbeat laws that would end abortions after 6 six weeks, and laws that would require patients to wait 72 hours between their first clinic visit and abortion.

Right now, Louisiana bans abortion after 20 weeks and requires two doctors visits, 24 hours, apart, prior to the procedure. As of now, there are only three clinics in the state: Shreveport, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge.

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