Lost Bayou Ramblers Play the Pogues

06:06 December 30, 2015

Lost Bayou Ramblers presented Poguetry in Motion - The Songs of The Pogues on Friday December 18th at One Eyed Jacks.  Spider Stacy of The Pogues approached the band about working together a few years back, and the evolution of the project is nothing short of amazing.  This collaboration was a no-brainer, to say the least.  The event title was spawned by The Pogues’ 1986 EP Poguetry in Motion and was the second time this year to be at One Eyed Jacks.  The major difference in the two shows was the guest female vocalist.   Rounding out his vision at the last show, Stacy enlisted a special guest vocalist Meschiya Lake, of whom he has been quoted as saying, “She's got a lion on a string where every now and then she takes it for a little walk and lets the lion express itself.”  And this time around the guys welcomed iconic folk icon Rickie Lee Jones.

The evening was almost a carbon copy of the last event.  But instead of Brass Bed playing first like last time, it was MiceMagick this past Friday, then Lost Bayou Ramblers played a set of their own material, and next Spider Stacy joined.  Midway through the set Stacy announced Rickie Lee Jones’ appearance. They did a cover of hers which was written in and about New Orleans, called “Christmas in New Orleans,” and also performed the Kirsty MacColl Pogues tune, “Fairytale of New York.”  While not the prettiest version of the song, it was quite humerous.

The last time The Pogues played New Orleans was Voodoo Fest 2009. Saying that their set that time was less than perfect would be a massive understatement, but getting to see them play was magical in its own way.  The band had only played here once before that at Tipitina’s in June of 1988, so that helped make up for the 21-year lag.  Stacy came through and saved what could easily have been an unbearable Voodoo train wreck, and now has this magical collaboration that has seemed to grow legs.  There are a few more shows in the near future, so do yourself a favor and check them out. 

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