Los Otros

05:14 September 22, 2014

New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival put a spotlight on the connections and similarities of Brazilian and New Orleans culture. This made the festival the perfect unveiling for Sam Price’s Afro-Brazilian group, Los Otros, who had just released their self-titled album. Price, who is the bandleader, is a fantastic bassist who also spearheads an Afro-Cuban group, Otra. He leads a fantastic rhythm section that separates this group from any Latin ‘knockoff’ bands. Los Otros features Price on bass (as well as on the Fender Rhodes on the tenth and final track), along with Alex Joseph Hall on drums, and ‘Conga’ Mike on percussion. The trio keeps the beats and tempos alive, making you want to dance, whether you’re hearing them at the Lagniappe Stage or listening to the album while cooking in your kitchen.  Todd Duke plays guitar on the track “Triste”, while Billy Franklin plays guitar on the rest of the tracks, adding a “Wah” effect to the classic “Besame Mucho.” Ray Moore plays flute (as well as tenor sax on a couple of tracks), while Brent Rose supplies a soprano (as well as a tenor sax on three tracks.) Eduardo Tozzatto plays the Fender Rhodes and the piano. Christina Friis supplies the vocals on the album.

The eclectic mix blends perfectly for this album. The record kicks off with the up-tempo version of “Besame Mucho.” On the track “La Bailadora,” which was written by Price, the band shows their versatility. Martin Krusche sits in on tenor sax for the track, while Price is the backbone with his deep toned bass. Billy Franklin has an elegant solo on guitar, and the whole track just bleeds something you would possibly hear at a bar on the coast of Brazil. Another highlight of the album is “Voo Ave”, which has Curtis Pierre on “Brazillian percussion.” The track has a strong rhythm backbone that makes you want to dance, as Friis chants.

Los Otros provides a New Orleans reading of Afro-Brazilian music, an album that will have you dancing and wanting more in any setting.


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