Oct 07 2013

Local Flavor at the New Orleans Film Fest

By: David Vicari

Omitted 1

 Filmmakers from all over are having their films shown at the 24th Annual New Orleans film Festival. Here are some films, however, playing at this year's fest that are made by artists who call New Orleans home.


Date of the Dead – A blind date goes awry when the guy turns out to be a zombie in this narrative short directed and co-written by Joey Laura.  A native of New Orleans, Laura has written articles about film for the University of New Orleans student newspaper, Driftwood, as well as for New Orleans Second-line and the newly launched website Screen Echo. Laura is gearing up to start production on his M.F.A. thesis film Rachel’s Madcap Theater.


Father-Like Son – Following his father's untimely death, twenty-something college graduate Clark sees his mother getting quickly re-married...to a 24-year-old inventor. This comedy, up for the Jury Prize at this year's fest, is directed by Mac Alsfeld. After landing his first on-set job at the age of 15,  Alsfeld has worked on over 35 films in the Louisiana film industry, primarily as a cast assistant. He has worked under such Hollywood stars like Kevin Costner and Alan Arkin. Alsfeld is a 25-year-old comedy screenwriting partner in the Abby Normal comedy trio.


Omitted – New Orleans originated bounce music or “that beat” brought  Shelby "Skip" Skipper and Donald "Big Choo" Norris together almost 8 years ago. This documentary feature follows their lives as they dance and perform through the streets of New Orleans during Super Bowl XLVII and Mardi Gras 2013, as well as performing in national competitions. Omitted is the debut feature from Kenna J. Moore, owner of Ghost of Elysian Films LLC. Moore is a recent graduate of Louisiana State University with a degree in theatre/performing arts. A self described “military brat”, Moore was born in Meridian Mississippi, but moved around a lot. She has spent most of her teenage years and adult life here in New Orleans.

For screening dates and times for these and many other films by local filmmakers, visit neworleansfilmsociety.org

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