Lindsey Stirling Time Travels At Saenger Theatre

15:46 July 27, 2021
By: Emily Hingle

My first night back at the Saenger Theatre since before the hotel collapse in 2019 and there was not a better way to experience it. I could not have guessed that I was about to see one of the most amazing concerts of my entire life.

I was not expecting Kiesza. Yes, I saw her name on the bill, but I did not believe that she had the power to bring me back to the 1980s like she did. And I was blown away. With her big red hair, sexy black clothes, totally rad 80s-inspired rock/pop sound, and crazy dance moves, she was a one-woman show on her own. With the addition of two other ladies on the guitar and drums, it was a full-on female powerhouse. She played through her hits along with some new songs that she demanded to play because she's a true musician wanting to be heard. Her microphone had a tail whip on the end that she would swirl over head before she high-kicked her knee to her ear. Very impressive to see in person.

Lindsey Stirling is more than a musician. She is a dreamweaver. She has the ability to craft a world in her mind and immerse you into it sonically, visually, and physically. Lindsey and her four dancers traveled through time, entering into various scenes and rewriting history to their liking. They began in an ancient time roaming the wild lands and defending their tribe during "Artemis." They made their way to the Renaissance and waltzed through palace ballrooms in "Masquerade," they sailed the high seas during the time of world exploration during "Master of Tides." This particular song was incredibly engaging as it demanded that the audience choose their own adventure throughout the song. Should they fish or should they swordfight? It was up to us.

Lindsey's show was punctuated by moments of levity and comedy and she changed her costumes on stage aided by a gaggle of men as she told stories about her life and career. There was a heartwarming interlude of Disney songs including the theme from "Up," "Toy Story," and more; claps go to the little dog Luna who ran across the stage a time or two during this special moment.

Lindsey's show went out of this world for the second half. Instead of exploring the Earth's history, she brought us out into the solar system and beyond to worlds that exist only within her. She levitated high above the stage while her dancers played with her impossibly long dress during "Between Twilight" as if she was a living star and her trailing dress was her light. She shined in a glittering white dress and wig for "Sleepwalking."

The evening ended with a bombastic entrance into her world of comic books. She donned a fiery red wig and jeans in order to battle with an enemy for "Roundtable Rival." She completed her amazing show with "Guardian," a tribute to her father and friend who succumbed to cancer.

Kiesza and Lindsey Stirling have both battled adversities while trying to find their unique places in the world of modern music. This tour proved to me and countless others that they've found it.

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