Limited-Edition of Kamara Watermelon Airheads Available Now
Dec 24 2019

Limited-Edition of Kamara Watermelon Airheads Available Now

By: Michelle Nicholson

Wrapped with his winning smile, Kamara's favorite flavor of watermelon Airheads have been released for purchase online. They're going quickly, though-so order yours soon.

Last year, Saints running back Alvin Kamara partnered with Airheads' manufacturer Perfetti Van Melle to create Watermelon Zoom, but the confectionary treats were not available for the public to purchase. This holiday season, they are a sweet gift to Saints and Airheads fans alike. And in the true holiday spirit, Kamara and the candy company will devote part of the profit to the charity organizations of Kamara's choice.

Whether you already love Airheads' vibrant tangy-chewy intensity or you simply want to support Kamara's charitable causes, visit to order yours today. They are available for $1 each: 10 for $10, 25 for $25, and 50 for $50 (before tax).

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