Lil Weezyana Fest at Champions Square

09:26 August 29, 2016
By: Finn Turnbull

At Champions Square on August 27, Lil Wayne and friends threw down a memorable performance for the second installment of Lil Weezyana Fest. This outdoor concert was Wayne’s brainchild in 2015. Last year he brought forth an impressive lineup of artists including all the previous members of his first hip-hop group, The Hot Boys, as well as big names like Drake. Though it only takes place on one stage, the entire event has the air of a festival with activities for fans such as a small outdoor skatepark near the concessions. Thousands showed up to catch the three acts: Migos, Yo Gotti, then Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz, who came together as “Collegrove.” Collegrove is most likely a moniker derived from their respective hometowns of Hollygrove and College Park.

Apart from cursing the establishment and law enforcement, the show was very upbeat and had tremendous energy. To open the set, Migos, a hip hop trio from Atlanta, came out to do their trap rap thing. Afterward, Yo Gotti from Memphis pumped up the crowd with his cool vibes and rhymes. Between each set, there was a micro performance from each DJ, acting as a hype man for the next artist. Before Collegrove, both a DJ and a stand-up comedian prepared the crowd for the final act.

Following the mixture of light entertainment, 2 Chainz came out for some solo tracks before dramatically introducing the man of the evening, Lil Wayne. Wayne goofily walked out puffing on something and grinning widely at the audience. He introduced himself as “Tun,” which is short for his childhood nickname “Tunchi,” and then explained to the crowd his three main bullet points for the night: “1. We would not be shit without the big guy.” (Points to the sky) 2. I would not be shit without you.” (Addressing the crowd) “3. I would not be shit without you!” (Still addressing the crowd).

Wayne and 2 Chainz put on a fun, lively show, jumping around and smiling as though there was no place they’d rather be. Other artists from New Orleans such as Ms. Tee, S-8ighty, Young Greatness, and the Showboys joined them throughout. Chris Brown even made an appearance that was explained by Wayne as quite spontaneously planned. The night closed with a mixture of friends, family, fans, and artists dancing onstage with Collegrove. For fans who couldn’t make the show, Wayne and the production company Tidal live-streamed the whole concert and included a “Donate Now” button to help victims of the recent flooding in Louisiana. Proceeds went to the American Red Cross Louisiana Fund. 

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