Lil Wayne Announces Lil Weezyana Fest Will Return to New Orleans This Summer

16:22 July 14, 2016
By: Noah Stokes-Raab

Last summer Lil Wayne, a local New Orleans veteran rapper, held his first ever “Lil’ Weezyana Fest". The music festival featured a number of hot-ticket artists like Drake and other artists close to Lil Wayne, both local and otherwise. It was a great success as it sold out fairly quickly, leaving many loyal fans disappointed.

Before his inaugural edition of Lil’ Weezyana Fest last year, Lil Wayne announced the festival by saying, “I’m coming home to give my city a real show for all its support, and I’m bringing some of my good friends from the industry. Please come out, enjoy yourself, lose your mind. I will find it for you later, and return it back.”

Lil Wayne Announces Lil Weezyana Fest Will Return to New Orleans This Summer

The rap artist recently announced that he’ll be holding his second annual Lil’ Weezyana Fest this year, on August 27 at Champions Square. He’s already announced that he’ll be performing with fellow rapper, 2 Chainz, with whom he created an album called Collegrove earlier this year. The term “Collegrove” not only refers to the name of their joint album, but also to their partnership and relationship as an off-and-on rap duo.

Because of the festival’s inaugural success last year, this year’s edition is expected to be even better. 2 Chainz is the only artist who has been announced so far, besides Lil Wayne, of course. However, many big names are expected to show up, some to be announced later, some to be surprises to attendees.

Lil Wayne Announces Lil Weezyana Fest Will Return to New Orleans This Summer

After suffering a “severe seizure” last week, Lil Wayne recently tweeted, “I’m good!!!” He denied ever having had said seizure. Barring any other concerns, health related or otherwise, Lil Weezyana Fest is a go!

Presale tickets are available now, and General Public Onsale will begin online on Friday, July 15 at 10:00 a.m. Tickets range from $65.60 to $95. Again, tickets sold out last year, and that was only the first time this festival has occurred. If it sold out the first time around, it's sure to sell out again, so anyone who wants to see this New Orleans icon perform alongside other industry greats should get their tickets as soon as possible.

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