Lil’ Jon Got the Beat At Harrah’s

00:00 June 13, 2014
By: 2Fik
[Courtesy of Gustavo Escanelle]

You know you are living the dream when you've just won 17.22 on a 2 cent machine at Harrah's, you stroll over Masquerade to see Lil Jon bumpin' the cutz, and you get to tell the guy standing in line next to you at the bar that you're "working." Yeah, working on getting' low, low, low, drinking vodka, and thinking about how Lil' Jon could get any cooler. Yes, it's a rough life.

If you missed the party, Masquerade was packed from the windows to the walls. The drinks were strong, and the bartender was pretty fast for how busy it was. And then there was the music - they don't call this guy the King of Crunk for nothing. Strapped in shades and a "Turn Down Pa Que" tee, LJ had the masses getting down, dirty, and hyphy.

This was my first time attending a dance party at Harrah's and it won't be my last. Not only was the club full (essential for any good party obviously), but there was an unexpected good vibe. It was either the vodka or Lil' Jon's zen master DJ skills. Probably the latter. Or it could have been the Lil' Jon laser lights. Those were pretty dope too. On that note, here are some things I want to say about Lil' Jon being cool:

1. 1. See: Soul Plane (The Party is Nonstop)

2. 2. Snap YO Fingers (you can do it all by YO self)

3. 3.Tell me When to Go, Lean Back Remix, Get Low, Yeah!, Lovers & Friends, Freek-a-Leek, and Ooh Naa Naa Naa Naa (Omg, don't look at me)

4. 4.The Ying Yang Twins in the greatest episode ever of MTV's Cribs

5. 5. The popularization of the word "Crunk" and ever functional pimps cup

After exercising my liver and dancing capabilities on Saturday, I was left with only a few general questions:

1. 1. Where do I get a Turn Down Pa Que shirt?

2.2. Did or didn't I push up to the front of the crowd and scream "Lil' Jon, I LOVE you!!!!!!!" like a Bieber obsessed teen?

3. 3. Who will rival LJ at the next Masquerade party?

4.4.Don't know how the hell I'm getting home (Okay, that wasn't a question, but seriously, always have a designated driver or cab it… You never know when the King of Crunk will have you unintentionally out all night when you should be working).

5.5.Why the hell didn't I cash my $17.22?!

If I haven't managed to convey my sentiments yet, the Lil' Jon set was a great party so I guess thanks are in order to Masquerade. After a long day of laying in a dark room with an ice pack on my head and listening to "Turn Down for What" on repeat, I'm ready for round 2!

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