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LGBTQ Film By Local NOLA Director to Premiere This Friday at Broad Theater

15:00 August 24, 2021
By: Re'gine Smith

Film festival season is upon us! New screenings, new creators, and new opportunities for social gatherings. Good Deed Entertainment film, Ma Belle, My Beauty, is set to premiere in New Orleans at Broad Theatre on August 27. There will be another screening at the Zeitgiest Theater, September 3.

You can read the full synopsis of the film by clicking Good Deed Entertainment.

Image Courtesy of Good Deed Entertainment

The film follows Lane, Bertie, and Fred, who were once involved in a polyamorous relationship in New Orleans. Bertie was loved by both Lane and Fred. But Lane somehow departed from them. Bertie and Fred were married two years later and live in Fred's family home in Southern France. The trailer is sure to give a better visual, so be sure to check it out.

Marion Hill, the creator of Ma Belle, My Beauty, is a director based in New Orleans. According to Hill's bio page, her roots spread from Vietnam to France and England. More on her style of work can be read by visiting Marion Hill's website. Her narratives and visuals lean more on the queer femininity side—this aspect is made clear in her feature film.

Aside from the film and what it demonstrates, consider a more in-depth look at queer representation in film and television. Media Smarts says, "Queer media doesn't necessarily rely on queer people being the intended audience, nor does it require that queer people be affiliated with a cultural product in any way other than as consumers." Now, some people may have that mindset where they feel they must be a certain way or believe in certain things to understand what they are not accustomed to. But just having an open mind is enough to share experiences with others who have a different background or partake in media content that is sure to be viewed as out of the ordinary.

Just by watching the trailer, you may find it to be relatable. So many people can identify with having a relationship with more than one partner. You may even relate to a lover who disappeared for whatever reason and resurfaces sometime later back into your life.

Click here to purchase your tickets for the Ma Belle, My Beauty screening on August 27 at the Broad Theater.

Tickets for the September 3 screening are not yet available, but keep checking Good Deed Entertainment for updates.

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