Lauren Conrad Bans "Body Shaming" Lingo

21:30 June 02, 2015
By: Staff

The Irony Behind Lauren Conrad's Exile of "Body Shaming" Lingo From Her Website

Recently, Lauren Conrad, better known to some as 'LC,' has banned the use of "body shaming" verbiage from her lifestyle site. The site is acclaimed for its handy DIY's and stylish recommendations, along with helpful beauty tutorials and literature recommendations. Conrad's decision to replace words such as "skinny" and "thin" with "fit," "healthy," and "tone" is not actually trendsetting. This choice follows the growing movement to end fat shaming, promote clean living, and divorce the perception that "skinny" is synonymous with "healthy."  

However, Conrad's decision seems a bit ironic. According to this source the average size of an American woman is size 14 but, Conrad's popular clothing line, Paper Crown, only caters up to size 8. Conversely, Conrad's 'everyday' line "LC Lauren Conrad" made for Kohl's boasts both cheaper prices and more inclusive sizing. Paper Crown's 'About' page claims: "paper crown is a collection for those who like to play dress up in a grown up world." Is this to say that women that are sizes 12 and above are not allowed to want to "play dress up?" Regardless of one's personal style, virtually every woman would like to play dress up.  Conrad says: "My editorial team and I had a long talk about it, and we want to make sure that the focus is on being fit as opposed to a number on the scale.” Hopefully, this decision is only the beginning of a wave of changes for Conrad's multiple brands. 

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