Lady Antebellum Bus Catches Fire

19:30 April 16, 2015
By: Emily Hingle

News outlets in the Dallas/Fort Worth area are reporting that the country band lady Antebellum's tour bus caught on fire while musician Hillary Scott,the driver, her tour manager and her husband were one board en route to the American Country Music Awards held at the Dallas Cowboys' Stadium in Arlington. No one was injured. 

About to embark on the Wheels Up Tour, a blown tire caught fire near the rear of the massive tour bus badly scorching the back half of the vehicle. All occupants were able to escape safely and call the fire department. Scott was quoted as saying, "Thanking God for our safety and the safety of all of those who helped put this fire out and keep us safe."

Hillary Scott is currently posting updates about the fire. On the Lady Antebellum Facebook page, Scott writes, "We had quite a few personal belongings in the back where I was asleep before evacuating the bus, one of them being my Bible. I kid you not, EVERYTHING in the back lounge was destroyed from the flames, except my Bible. The outside cover was burned and messed up but NOT ONE PAGE was missing."

You can read more about the incident here. 

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