[Photos Provided by Emily Hingle]

Kreator Thrashes at House of Blues

16:36 March 22, 2017
By: Emily Hingle

Coming out on stage in an incredibly dramatic fashion to the tune of “Choir of the Damned,” Kreator sonically blinded us with a barrage of blackened thrash metal which included the songs “Satan is Real,” “Phantom Antichrist,” “World War Now,” and “Extreme Agression.” Their long set included a ton of music from their decades of music.

Kreator has had a long and interesting career starting in the early 80s in Essen, Germany. They’re referred to as one of the Big 4 of Teutonic Thrash which equates them with Destruction, Sodom, and Tankard. Due to all that time playing music, their sound has evolved from a blazing-fast, violent speed metal to this more melodic, dramatic, and rather fun sound of today.

Later into the show, vocalist and rhythm guitarist Mille Petrozza brought out a huge flag during the interlude “The Patriarchy,” and he waved it around only when people screamed as loud as possible; he was excellent at involving the crowd in the show. He sang “Violent Revolution” and “Flag of Hate” with it.

Pop bands can take a lesson from this super long-running thrashy band that fan loyalty, the ability to evolve, and solid music can make you immortal.

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