KMFDM Crushes the House of Blues; Video Interview

00:00 November 21, 2013
By: Emily Hingle
1002780_10151771450057658_966194027_nKMFDM - KMFDM

 Texas-based synth tribal/industrial band Chant was the first band to perform this evening after the opening DJ's of tonight's show. The duo had multiple drums set across the entire stage of the House of Blues. Also in their onslaught of digital dance mania was a keyboard on a swivel stand that Kristopher Robin swayed back and forth between the synth bass stab attacks, and the lead vocalist , drummer, and overall mastermind Bradley Bills sang melodically and strong with his beats hammering through the extremely bright LED light show behind them. The group reminded me of System Sin mixed with early Front 242. The crowd danced and cheered as the band delivered a powerful set. The band offers free downloads of their music with a email sign up list.

Arguably one of the fathers of Industrial/Metal fusion next to Ministry, KMFDM has been hard at work with nonstop touring and album releases for nearly 30 years. Their live DVD's offer a documentation of their army of fan’s responses to the live performance, a fan base dedicated to the group that just continues to grow. The live lineup has not changed much over the past 10 years, and it shows in their flawless performance whether in a large or small setting. Playing favorites like "Drug Against Aar" and "Free Your Hate" as well as a few songs fronted entirely by female vocalist Lucia Ciafrelli, also frontman Sascha Konietzko’s wife. Strobe lights, lasers, and cigarette smoke emanated from founding memberKonietzko. With his sunglasses on, he commands the audience from behind his glowing imposing podium; Ciafrelli had a matching podium next to his, but she often left it to dance strangely and crouch close to the edge of the stage in the faces of those at the very front in her sexy black corset, black boots, and cute Minnie Mouse hair poofs. Her voice was high-pitched and sweet sounding, but still she used to it growl in an insidious manner. The ever-changing lights were perfectly choreographed to the heavy beats. The guitars by Jules Hodgson and Steve White are crisp and deliver the heavy textures that are staples to the KMFDM sound. The songs were only divided by filtered samples and a short tuning break, fitting in as much material as they could, including four encores before the house lights would come back on, leaving everyone wanting more. Forward, March, Attack!

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