King Cake Luminary Manny Randazzo dies
Jun 24 2019

King Cake Luminary Manny Randazzo dies

By: Farrah Ross Appleman

Manuel "Manny" Randazzo Sr. of Manny Randazzo's King Cakes, died on Monday June 17th, according to a statement posted by his family. He was 91.

Randazzo's King Cakes are widely regarded as the very best. Along with his brothers and father, Manuel Sr. helped pioneer the recipe that brought widespread acclaim to the bakery. During Carnival season, patrons travel from across the state and battle long lines to take home a cake. Randazzo's King Cakes, Nonna Randazzo's Bakery, and Caywood & Randazzo Bakery are also owned by the family.

A statement posted on the Manny Randazzo Facebook page reads: "We [The Randazzo Family] are proud to continue your legacy with every king cake baked and with every experience shared among family and friends…"

Services were held this past Sunday in Chalmette.

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