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Kiddie Cups: PJ’s Coffee Presents Cup Inspired By Children’s Hospital New Orleans

09:00 November 06, 2020
By: Lawrence Bourgeois

Following suit with many local establishments, PJ's Coffee is doing their part to support the community at large. This time, the gift is both sentimental and monetary, with the coffee shop unveiling a new cup design put forth by patients of the Children's Hospital New Orleans. With a cup decorated with a cute illustration of iconic New Orleans structures such as shotgun houses and a variety of holiday-themed flavors to go along with the cup, now is a great time to visit PJ's Coffee for any number of their delicious brews.

For the period of time that these special cups are available, there will also be the option at check-out to make a donation directly to the Children's Hospital. Should you drop by to try one of the multiple new flavors, including Peppermint Bark Velvet Ice, Peppermint Bark Latte, Gingerbread Latte, and Butter Rum Latte, then seriously consider making a small donation towards the cause. PJ's Coffee is currently promoting the Art Therapy branch of Children's Hospital New Orleans, which helps to heal children recuperating from illness and the woes of hospitalization by promoting expression through the arts.

Also of note is the program where donating customers can have their names written and displayed alongside brief messages of inspiration on lightbulbs displayed prominently inside the various coffee shops. If you are a frequent coffee drinker but do not frequent any of the PJ's Coffee locations, now may be a good time for a fresh change of pace. Few moments have not been fraught with stress in the past months, but for many, this past election week has been almost unbearable. A brief respite found in supporting a good cause as well as enjoying good coffee in a happy, holiday-inspired environment may be just the thing to cheer yourself up.

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