Kelcy Mae

00:00 May 25, 2014


Parish Road Music


Kelcy Mae is folk meets pop at its best. Her voice is a beautiful blend of expertly displayed smoothness and boldness. In this, her fourth recording project, Mae presents a double EP of 12 tracks. Her music will grab you right in from the first song and you will be held captive throughout the entire album. Mae enlisted lots of help from local and national artists including Rick Nelson, Jason Rhein, Alex McMurray, Alexis Marceaux, Andrew Campanelli, Michael Girardot, Vanessa Niemann, Alexandra Scott, Mitch Palmer, Lucy Cordts, Chris Nicotera, Joe Stolarick, Sam Cordts, Ian Smith, Travis Blotsky and Tom Marron. Combined with that array of artists, Mae has a trusting tone in her music making you believe her every word. "Crazy" shows great musicality, harmonies and lyrics. It is a head-nodding song that presents the struggle of a girl who is being made crazy by a guy she knows she needs to leave. "My Love" kicks in very blues-like and honky-tonkish and displays a variety of vocal styling and guitar riffs. "King of Tennessee" is a tribute to bluegrass. Mae, no doubt has a smile in her voice on this song and it hard not to imagine a small bar with a crowded floor of people line-dancing to this tune. "Oh How the Whiskey" almost feels like a best of Kelcy Mae album in itself. It's bluegrass, folk, blues, honkytonk and gospel all rolled into a 3:42 song. It's very hard to say if Mae's bigger talent is her voice or her song writing ability, but it's easy to take the journey with her.

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