Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes- 2000 Days

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: Emily Hingle
johnny sketch
[Courtesy of Full Frontal Records]

Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes

2000 Days

Full Frontal Records Johnny Sketch & The Dirty Notes is one of those bands that really cannot be placed into a genre. Their latest thirteen-track album, 2000 Days, is a perfect mixture of modern jazz, 1970s funk, a pinch of folk and even a little rock. The opening track "Break Me" sounds very sophisticated; the funky guitar by Marc Paradis and the fantastic horn section, comprised of Omar Ramirez and Brad Walker, lay down a great groove, while Paradis also croons to the woman that drives him crazy. The music is arranged very well and the song rides along in a rock 'n' roll format; the dips and escalations are like a rollercoaster. I have to give a shout-out to the saxophonist, Brad Walker, who plays a great solo. It's nice to see the sax get a moment in the sun in this song, because I feel that the sax is too often buried in favor of the trumpet in this city. "Club Fabulous" is a sexy and decadent song about this particular nightclub. Paradis very softly sings at the same volume of the instruments, so as not to take away from their collective groove. This song is especially 1970s-infl uenced with the addition of the funky keyboard tone popular during that time, which plays the melody of the song and performs a short solo. "Desolate Wind" begins uncharacteristically, with a violin leading other stringed instruments in a forlorn tune while wind blows behind them. This song only lasts for a minute and half, and leads almost seamlessly into "On and On," which begins with the now fast-paced strings, giving way to the guitars and horns adding spice to the melody. A keyboard wails sadly like an accordion. Johnny Sketch and his Dirty Notes will take you on a one-of-a-kind trip.

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