Johnny Angel & Helldorado

00:00 April 28, 2014
By: Kimmie Tubré

When it comes to Johnny Angel, if he isn't "Driving nails in his on coffin," he's creating dynamic albums like his latest number, Ready…Set…Hold on. The way this album manifests country and folk with swing creates a sound that is almost hand-in-hand with Louisiana Cajun zydeco, making it fit right into the NOLA music scene.With their usual Western—Swing style and clever lyrics, Johnny Angel & Helldorado has put together a piece of work that recently gained major buzz in the city. While the five track album is short in length, it packs a heavy punch, already receiving high rankings in the country genre on the ReverbNation charts. The band's sound is heavily influenced by rockabilly, country and western swing, all staples on this album. Their reputation of western traditional outfits and stage antics also seeps through their sound in the album that is filled with energetic fast moving tracks accompanied by a dash of grit. With the buzz behind this latest album, its for sure that this band is not your traditional country western team. And while these "Louisiana Men" sometimes "Gamble with Love," one thing's certain: Johnny Angel & Helldorado has managed to keep the crowd swinging with this album and their amazing tunes.

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