JJ Grey and Mofro - This River

00:00 December 05, 2013
By: 2Fik

JJ Grey & Mofro
This River
Alligator Records

Coming out with their latest release, This River, JJ Grey & Mofro have put out another hit album that engrosses the bands signature soul-filled funk rock sound. Alongside JJ Grey's ever inspiring powerful voice, the band comes together as a unit that gently lifts the audience into a finely tuned crescendo that rocks audience's ears, peacefully setting them down when ready. The single "99 Shades of Crazy" embraces Mofro's hard-hitting side, unleashing the funk and head bobbing frenzy that comes with any wild Mofro tune. However, the title track "This River" is a heart-wrenching ballad, which to many sums up the whole album in one beautiful peace of truth. It speaks of home and the natural connection JJ Grey has had to his born region that always seems to come to his aid in times of confusion. This River is also brought up by fun upbeat contributions like "Your Lady, She's Shady," along with his tribute to the Gulf of Mexico in the song "Florabama." Being the band's eigth studio album since their start in 2001, This River is as vibrant and uplifting as their past works speaking volumes about a band that faithfully stays true to their music. It will make audiences shake, rock, and maybe even cry. This River is a well-balanced album from a band that continues to inspire its dedicated fans time after time again. -Chris DiBenedetto

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