[Photo Provided by Where Y'at Staff/Jordan Selesnick]

Jimmy Buffett States Saenger Theatre Inspired His Career

12:35 June 15, 2017
By: Jordan Selesnick

Jimmy Buffett, the figure behind the legendary restaurants Margaritaville Café and Cheeseburger in Paradise, as well as the Coral Reefer Band paid a visit to New Orleans earlier this week. Here working on a Broadway play based on his hit song "Margaritaville," Buffett was found working at the Saenger Theatre. Standing on stage, he reminisced about his past time in New Orleans.

"In my adolescent years I spent a lot of time in this theater, because my uncle Jack Rapaport sold 3-D glasses in the 50s out of an office here (in the Saenger Theatre)," Buffet said.

"Part of that deal was that he was living in sin with my aunt in the Quarter, but that was par for the course for the French Quarter. So, I got to come and sit in the balcony for free and watch shows, and watch movies, and at that time there were like little rock 'n' roll shows that came through." Said Buffett, happily gazing at the balcony section.

“I had my first kind of moments of thinking about having a career as a performer right here in this theatre, so it's an amazing feeling to be back."

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