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Jean Lorent Is Making Waves

21:42 April 24, 2017
By: Emil Flemmon

“We have found another way to celebrate these traditions.” ~ Jean Lorent

When you hear the name “Jean Lorent,” one might think of sophistication or something aristocratic. “Lorent” is a derivative of “Lorenzo” which can be of Spanish, Italian or Latin culture. How it all ties in to Jean Lorent is simple – exclusivity.

Jean Lorent, a designer here in the New Orleans area, has been making her rounds in city and the US with handcrafted bow ties, suspenders, handbags, wallets and adding items to her growing collection.

That collection hosts leather based products crafted from full grain leather and exotics such genuine snake skin and crocodile.

Jean Lorent Is Making Waves

Lorent’s company was previously under the name NOLA Leather but throughout the evolution of her growing brand, rebranding included a name that aptly fit the uprising of her accessories.

The leather based business will be joining the Louisiana Marketplace vendor ranks this weekend during the Jazz Festival.  While all vendors will carry products, perhaps common to the average eye, Jean Lorent will have that unique factor to boost.

This year’s unveiling will showcase their new handbag collection and the release of all new accessories from their menswear line. The beautification of the current collection ranges from cheetah and gator prints, classic prints, crocodile bow ties, solid color suspenders, and more.

Lorent’s product singularity and luxury has seen its home in various settings including tuxedo parties, businessmen, boutique shops and growing. Again, it’s the uniqueness that will appeal to the experienced eye to appreciate the sleek assortment.

Buyers can find Jean Lorent at JeanLorent.com, Jean_Lorent on Instagram and various stores in the city such as Home Malone, Vegas, John’s Tuxedo and Italy Direct. Also, check out Lorent at this year’s Jazz Market the entire weekend. 

Take a look at the variety Lorent brings for both men and women below:

Jean Lorent Is Making WavesJean Lorent Is Making Waves

Jean Lorent Is Making Waves

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