James Bond Movies Ranked According to Fans

13:02 December 09, 2020
By: Staff

Check out our list of the top 10 James Bond movies that will keep you entertained during the pandemic, including films with notable casino scenes.

The 10 Best James Bond Movies of All Time

As we wait for the latest release of the James Bond blockbuster No Time to Die, you can watch the previous series on your favorite streaming platform. The movie was set to premiere in April 2020, but it was pushed back to November 20 and now April 2021. In these confining times, one of the best ways to pass the time, apart from playing at the best no-deposit online casinos, is by watching classic James Bond releases. The 25 productions vary wildly, so you don't have to follow them in their chronological order. But to make things easier for you, we have compiled a list of the must-watch releases of the famous James Bond.

Bond has been portrayed by many actors, ever since the first release in 1962. It has become one of the longest-running blockbusters, with cumulative sales crossing over $7 billion. The first actor to start the role is Sean Connery, who came with a dangerous and suave character. He then got replaced by George Lanzeby, then Roger Moore, and so forth. Daniel Craig is the current actor, and surfacing rumors suggest that he will be featured in the upcoming series.

Casino Royale

This James Bond release has so much authenticity when compared to Fleming's original novel. Bond is seen as a young man with all the muscle and menace as in Fleming's depictions. One of the highlights of Casino Royale is how it was completely turned over into a new series that saw funny puns and far-fetched gimmicks. Even so, it still remained a steady blockbuster on the big screens.

There's nothing off with this film's Bond, and while he is younger than previous characters, his play is worth the watch. He gives us an entertaining chase and gunfight in the first 18 minutes of the movie. Revolving the film around gambling was a perfect depiction of the young generation in the 2004-2006 era, when there was a sharp increase in the U.S. of no-deposit online casinos. If you've never experienced an online casino comparison site that specializes in no-deposit promotions,NoDepositDaddy's collection for U.S. gamblers lists more than a few sites that have remained in the game. All in all, we'd all agree thatCasino Royale was something to remember.


The third release of the Bond films had one of the best stories, which would form a pillar model for all series for close to 30 decades. Goldfinger features a super-rich villain who is evil and is in the process of committing a huge crime. Auric Goldfinger is hungry for money, and this greedy character is played perfectly by Gert Frobe.

The movie has amazing scenes, not forgetting Jim Masterson's body covered in gold paint. Connery plays the role of 007, and he has to do everything possible to stop Auric's plot. Apart from his stylish pistol, Bond gets a customized Aston Martin DB5 with extra modifications such as oil slicks, machine guns, and more. It is probably one of the greatest releases of James Bond during its decade.

Live and Let Die

While the movie was released in an era when racial language was overused, to say the least, Roger Moore still debuts in a style. Playing the role of Bond, he is portrayed as sharper and quicker-witted than Connery. The film starts with Moore having to deal with the death of three MI6 agents and a funeral in New Orleans. It has one of the most enduring opening songs by Paul McCartney and Wings.

James Bond has to deal with a villain who wants to flood the streets of the U.S. with drugs. The movie comes with decent action sequences, and Yaphet Kotto does well as the main villain.


Perhaps the biggest challenge for James Bond producers was during the release of Goldeneye. The Bond film had been off the screen for six years, and the new release had a new character as well. It was a gamble for the producers, as they also had a new director in the lineup, but we think they pulled it off.

Pierce Brosnan, who was the main man, played the 007 roles with such passion that you would actually think he would never leave that role. He had the acting chops of Connery and Dalton but was also as suave as Moore. This release deals with a villain who has stolen an orbiting EMP device, known as Goldeneye. It is based on the after-effects of the Cold War and has proven to be an inspiration to an excellent video game that was considered the best of its generation. Not a bad start for Brosnan.


Skyfall is probably the first and only James Bond movie to hit $1 billion in sales at the box office. The film was mainly based in the UK—something which really cut its overall budget. Spectre, for instance, had a bigger budget, since the movie crossed so many geographical locations, but with a lesser effect on the screen. The fact that it was based in the UK had a great effect on Judi Dench's M role and intertwined her relationship with Bond in a memorable way.

In his third 007 role, Craig returned as an old secret agent, who gets shot and presumed dead at the start of the movie. We later see the secret agent return in the film after the MI6's headquarters is blown, and he is called to find the terrorists. There's a nice mix of high-action and high-drama in this James Bond series, and its ending is also memorable at Bond's home of Skyfall.

Of course, this wouldn't be a future Bond classic without a casino scene. In this film, 007 has the chance to play the tables at a floating casino based in Macau; the fact that he doesn't is a little disappointing, since we all know that baccarat is his favorite. Still, fans who want more action can try out the best online casinos, using free bonus offers. This way, they can try their luck at baccarat, blackjack, poker, or even slots.

The Spy Who Loved Me

The 10th release of the Bond film series was a bit odd for some 007 diehards but still had its perks. The screenplay goes a bit differently from what Ian Flemming wrote in his novel, and we see a lot of villains as well. The difference in the screenplay is what made Roger Moore like his role here, and he said in an interview that it was one of the finest characters he's ever played.

The blockbuster has some funny villains and has Roger Moore's main task of stopping a nuclear holocaust that was plotted by one of the villains.The movie has amazing action sequences, and we also get a quick glimpse of Moonranker's Jaws along with the movie.

From Russia With Love

The 1963 Box Office gave us the old-fashioned spy story with a much more honest-to-goodness play. Bond is given an intimate role, and this time, he has no main villain who is planning to destroy the world. The second release of the official Bond film had a mix of Cold War and the Orient Express—something which fit very well with Connery.

Dr. No

Here is the first Bond film, which debuted in 1962. While the plot looks rather tame, it is an excellent buildup of the coming three Bond films. The Jamaica location was a great option, as it makes the movie exotic—not to mention Bond's girl Ursula Andres. The buffed assassin sent to take Bond down looks confident in his role, and although he was not the best villains of the Bond films, he put on a decent show.

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