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If You’re a Sagittarius, New Orleans is The Place to Be!

15:00 August 16, 2021
By: Olivia Longoria

When planning a move to a new city, town, or state, you normally consider factors like cost, schools, commute to work, neighborhood, and leisure. Rarely do you consult the stars to get their input on the matter. But highly sought astrologist Anna Kovach says it's about time that you start!

Anna Kovach is a renowned astrologist who works in relationship astrology and has over 10,000 clients. This summer, she encouraged her following to consider how zodiac signs may determine respective ideal U.S. cities to live in. Kovach explains that your sign influences your personality, from your priorities to how to form relationships, as well as how you express yourself. In accordance with those factors, there is likely a city that is most ideal for you and understanding your zodiac sign can help you find it!

On Kovach's list of the best U.S. cities to live in according to your sign, New Orleans was listed as the best place for a Sagittarius! If you're a Sag, you know that your adventurous spirit allows you to make your home anywhere. But New Orleans is the only city where you can feel at home and in a new place all at once. This city will satisfy your desire for you adventure, culture, and entertainment! The rich history and endless activity will soothe your wanderlust. Not to mention the Creole cuisine that will certainly turn up the heat! So if you're a Sagittarius, and you already live here, start recruiting your other Sag friends to get down to NOLA!

To view the detailed guide of the best cities for each sign, visit annakovach.com.

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