Ideas for What You Can Tell a Girl About Yourself When Online Dating

11:33 September 17, 2020
By: Staff

Let's say you were lucky enough to meet a charming girl on the internet. And this alone wouldn't be a problem, but her request in a questioning tone, "Tell me about yourself," cut the ground from under your feet. You start frantically searching in your mind for where to start, how to present yourself in a better light.

10 Options for You

Let us make this easier for you and tell you what you can tell your new friend about yourself, while dating Ukrainian women online.

1. Interesting Stories From Your Childhood

Your interlocutor will likely be interested in finding out what you were like when you were a child—what games you played, what were the names of your very first best friends.

2. Your Childhood Fears

Hint that you weren't always as courageous and fearless as you are now. Perhaps some things made you literally tremble with fear. And don't forget to tell her how you managed to overcome these phobias.

3. School and Student Years

How did you study, how did you develop relationships with classmates? Did your parents scold you for bad grades? Which subject did you like more than others, and which one did you enjoy skipping?

4. Family Customs and Traditions

Perhaps, every weekend and on holidays, your mother baked an amazing cake, the taste of which you still remember. Or you went out into the woods with your whole family and enjoyed hiking or fishing. Tell her about the family you grew up with—whether you have younger or older siblings. How did you communicate with them? Were you friendly or constantly competing?

5. About Your Hobbies

What do you like to do in your spare time from working or studying? Why did you choose this particular hobby?

6. About Your Ideal Woman

Describe in general terms what kind of girl you would like to see next to you—what personality traits she should have, what you find most attractive physically.

7. About Animals

If you have a pet, tell her about it. Perhaps the story of its appearance in your house will seem very unusual and interesting to the girl.

8. About Culinary Preferences

List your favorite foods and also what you wouldn't try under any circumstances. Do you also know how to cook a delicious breakfast or dinner for your soulmate?

9. About Gifts

Which do you like best—to give or to receive gifts? Which of your presents that you've received impressed you the most and you remember more than others?

10. About Music Preferences

What kind of music and artists do you listen to most often? Why did you choose this particular musical genre?

In Conclusion

Another important thing: Be extremely honest and frank. Therefore, if you don't know anything about needlework, you should not specify it as your hobby to attract as many girls as possible. Don't want to show your shortcomings? You don't need to! You can always hint at them jokingly, thereby killing two birds with one stone. On the one hand, you will intrigue a potential partner, on the other, you will surprise her with an excellent sense of humor.

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