How to Stay Fit Without a Gym

22:00 February 23, 2015
By: 2Fik

Staying fit without a gym is something I consider myself somewhat of an expert on. Yes, it is true, that we deliver workouts in a training studio similar to a gym, but for the last six years we have also assisted people of all "ages and stages of fitness" with workouts that do not require a gym membership and that deliver great results. Now, we all know that working out without a gym isn't necessarily new, after all walking and running in the great outdoors is as old as man himself. But, in the past, if you wanted more than these two forms of cardio exercises, it meant limited and sometimes ridiculous options. These options included very few pre-made body weight workouts and more than a few crazy and ineffective fitness apparatus which were advertised with the famous slogan, "As Seen On TV." Even now, I can still see the Thigh-Master™, with Suzanne Somers, as she blasts her inner thighs into submission. Next, who could forget the less than effective Ab-Rocket that promised to blast your belly into orbit? After that, we were introduced to Toning-Shoes, the Shake-Weight and the Vibrating-Belt.

But, that was yesterday, what about today? Haven't things gotten better or are they the same or worse? Well, in a word, yes! Sites like Pinterest, videos like P90X or Insanity and fitness apparatus like the TRX fitness trainer made by FitnessAnywhere™ are some real bright spots in non-traditional workout methods, but beware. Why beware? Well, because one doesn't have to look any further than QVC to see that there are still some ridiculous and wasteful fitness contraptions out there vying for your hard earned dollars. So, then what should a person do? Should they just browse Pinteret for a workout, purchase a fitness video like Insanity or a order a TRX trainer and jump in? Not necessarily. I always believe that it is important to ask the correct questions, then gain the correct answers, and then after that, safely move into performing the correct exercises in the correct way.

In the past, home workouts consisted of more than a few crazy and ineffective fitness apparatus advertised with the famous slogan, "As Seen On TV."

I further suggest that they do this by identifying both "what and why" to 4 key terms. Those terms are listed and defined below, as are 10 body weight exercises that I feel confident will supply a safe and effective workout without a gym.

The first term is Function. Function is being sure that you are performing movement patterns that will lead to better joint mobility and stability, as well as more efficient motor patterns. It is here that we ask why we are doing certain exercises, what we plan to achieve by performing them and how they enhance everyday life. This is especially true when working out primarily with body weight, calisthenics, plyometrics and a stability fitness apparatus like a TRX trainer. Next, we move into Form. By Form, we mean performing the exercise the proper way to avoid injury and while removing unnecessary and possibly harmful momentum. Our third term is Fluctuation. Fluctuation, or variation, is always a necessary component to your workout if you want to minimize the risk of boredom, monotony and a lack of motivation. Finally, we have arrived at Fun. Yes, Fun. Fun is as necessary as celebration if we want to stay intrinsically motivated and continually move toward realizing our fitness goal. Research has shown that we must enjoy the particular exercise modalities we have chosen to engage in if we are going to stick with them long enough to make a noticeable physical difference.

After contemplating and answering the questions behind these 4 terms, we can launch into the following full-body, co-ed, body-weight workout either at home, at a local park or while on the road. I have listed 8 stretches to start and finish with and 20 full-body exercises. All of these exercises have a modification to make them easier or a variation to make them more difficult. You can click on the link below for an instructional video.


  1. Abductor
  2. Back
  3. Glutes
  4. 90:90
  5. Hamstrings
  6. Hip Flexors
  7. Glutes
  8. Shoulders


  1. Jumping Jack
  2. Squat Hip Extension
  3. Burpee
  4. Overhead Split Squat
  5. Squat Hop Chop
  6. Goblet Squat
  7. Side Lunge
  8. Kneeling Close Grip Pushup
  9. Alt One Leg Front Bridge
  10. Twisting Curl
  11. Uni Side Push Up
  12. Lunge Kick & Curl
  13. Squat to Reach
  14. Ballerina Butt Lift
  15. Crunch
  16. Hundred
  17. TRX Front Bridge
  18. TRX Glute Bridge
  19. TRX Modified Close Row
  20. TRX Incline Press One-Foot


How to Stay Fit Without a Gym
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