Horse-Betting at Canterbury Park: Get to Know the Winning Horses

11:49 June 23, 2020
By: Staff

Amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, it is very fortunate that the horse-racing industry and horse-betting didn't close the doors to their fans. Despite the expected adjustments and preventive measures that need to take place for the operation to continue, the sport is very much alive. The same thing happened at Canterbury Park in Minnesota, when it recently opened its new racing season.

Even with fewer spectators, the race began, showing that the excitement is still in the air. Live and online, bettors kept their eyes on their favorite horses, and at the end of the race, winners prevailed and bets were collected.

Canterbury Park will host a 52-day race, giving a chance for all bettors to garner wins. Better keep your eye on these winning horses and play your luck in the upcoming races.

All About Canterbury Park Races

Canterbury Park, formerly known as Canterbury Downs, usually hosts seven races in a day. But now, it currently hosts nine races, with a night feature that many fans are looking forward to witnessing. The Canterbury Park race track hosts both thoroughbred and quarter-horse races, which is a perfect spot for bettors to play, have fun, and possibly win.

Canterbury Park is located at Shakopee, Minnesota, where it first opened in 1985, becoming a home to racehorses that run in a one-mile dirt oval and seven-furlong turf course. The park also hosts the Mystic Lake Derby and Lady Canterbury Stakes, which are known to be its biggest stakes.

Canterbury Horse Ranking By Category

For any experienced horse-racing bettor, placing your bets on different categories gives you more chances to earn big. This can be handy for fans, as the Canterbury Park race holds both thoroughbred and quarter-horse racing.

In order to help you formulate a good betting strategy, we have listed the top three winning horses in each category.

Thoroughbred Rankings

There is a tight competition when it comes to thoroughbred horses, but the recent rankings show Fender Bender staying on top. During Canterbury Park's new season-opening on Wednesday, June 10, Fender Bender won the 4th race of the day. Riding on his back is his jockey, Leslie Mawing, as they both conquered the six furlongs on dirt, with a winning time of 1:11:57.

Ray's Angel comes in second after winning the 6th race of the day in an allowance race type, with a distance of five and a half furlongs on the dirt and a winning time of 1:04:14. Trained by Michael E. Biehler, Ray's Angel has current earnings of $23,918.

Placing third is a filly that won the Maiden Special Weight, Temujin Lady. She conquered the five and a half furlongs on the dirt, with a winning time of 1:06:30. Temujin Lady ran alongside Ms. Kela Time and Stylin N Profilin, but the young horse sped along the racing track, ultimately leading her to victory.

Quarter-Horse Rankings

Even if betting on quarter-horse racing is riskier than on the thoroughbred rankings, placing your bets on its top-caliber horses can be worth it.

The number-one horse in the latest leaderboard is Wicked 6, who ran 300 yards on opening day with an $11,500 purse at stake. Wicked 6 rushed through the racetrack and finished at 16.240 with his jockey, Eugenio Alberto Navarrete Jr.

Trained by a professional and expert quarter-horse trainer, Jason Olmstead, Polar Xpress dashed through the Cam Casby Stakes, recording her winning time at 15.573 in a 300-yard distance. The night feature of the opening day for Canterbury Park's new racing season was an all-star ensemble of caliber quarter horses, with four horse entries trained by Olmstead.

Racing alongside Polar Xpress was the fan-favorite Dickey Bob, who was expected to win the race. Unfortunately, he came up short on the track. Following Polar Xpress in the field was Haute Wagon, who was neck-close to Polar Xpress for winning the race. Pyc Jess Bite Mydust, also an Olmstead-trained horse, placed third, while Dickey Bob placed last.

Falling behind Wicked 6 in the maiden race was Diamonds on the Dirt, who placed third in the overall quarter-horse ranking in the recent leaderboards. Diamonds on the Dirt has had an outstanding track record in the past but always seems to fall short of winning a race. He is worthy rival for other contenders, such as Pyc Jess Bite Mydust and Haute Wagon.


The horse-racing industry's return gives a sense of normalcy in the middle of a global crisis. While everyone is trying to face daily challenges, horse-racing commissioners are hoping the sport will bring fun and excitement to their fans. As the new racing season opens, every fan and bettor can witness their favorite horses and get back into horse-betting. Even after facing challenges and major changes, Canterbury Park still offers exciting racing events and top-caliber horses for bettors to try their luck.

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