Hooray for Hubig's

17:11 January 29, 2020
By: Camryn Cohen

Recently, Governor John Bel Edwards announced the return of Hubig's infamous hand pies. The iconic local brand, whose Marigny-based factory burned down in 2012, plans to resume production in Jefferson Parish sometime this year. A lot needs to be done in order for the company to get back to what it once was, but Hubig's received a loan from the state to jumpstart the process.

The hand pie hiatus has lasted for a long seven years, but the company plans to bring them back just as customers remember: fried, turn-over style pies loaded with either blueberry, apple, or lemon filling. After hearing the news, Hubig's lovers took to Twitter to express their excitement. Some of them have held onto their pies since 2012, not knowing if or when they would be able to get their hands on another. The pies have since gone stale and the packaging has faded, but loyal Hubig's customers refused to part ways until there was a sign of a future for the company.

Over time, Hubig's pies have become somewhat of a Southern staple. So much so, that the Governor tweeted "Hubig's pies are as unique to Lousiana as Mardi Gras." They are inexpensive and sold almost everywhere. You can usually find the pies in a cardboard box near the cash register. Hubig's pies have become a real fundamental in such a food-loving city.

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