Hogs For The Cause 2020 May Be Cancelled, But Its Fundraising Continues!

08:54 March 31, 2020
By: Raissi Bysiewicz
Prior to social distancing mandates spurred by the coronavirus, Hogs for the Cause, a two-day festival and charity cook-off that benefits families dealing with pediatric cancer, was scheduled for last weekend. Despite cancelling this year's edition earlier in the month, organizers have found innovative ways to raise money safely. Neil McClure, whose famous McClure's Barbecue is normally sold in the NOLA Brewing Company taproom, slapped on his team "Deswine Intervention" shirt and fired up his grill on Friday. He smoked enough chicken to assemble 120 sandwiches, which will be included in meal packs his team will donate to night staff at the Children's Hospital, one of the event's usual beneficiaries.

The 2020 Hogs for the Cause fundraiser was intended to be held last Friday and Saturday on the grounds surrounding the UNO Lakefront Arena. Event coordinators planned for a crowd of some 30,000 people, with over 20 bands performing sets and 90 cook-off teams preparing food. In 2019, the festival garnered more than $2 million, rendering it the nation's leading funder for its cause.

Arrangements for Hogs for the Cause 2021 are already underway. However, the organization is concerned about how much money they'll be able to award families this year. Hence, they are relying on teams and supporters to contribute however they can. Team Fleur de Que, for instance, launched a unique fundraiser ending at 4 a.m. Saturday. Members Miles Lapeyre and Wyatt Mumfrey ran 48 miles in 48 hours, during which time they accepted donations through Venmo and teamfdq.org/donate. Building on their example, Hogs for the Cause is currently encouraging people to do "48 things [they] love over the next 48 hours, and challenge others to do the same." Donations in the name of those challenges may be sent to hogsforthecause.org/donate. Event founder Becker Hall has already posted a video pressing a beer keg over his head 48 times. What will you do?

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