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Healthcare Volunteers Needed in This Time of Crisis

14:59 April 15, 2020
By: Camryn Cohen

The coronavirus crisis that has engulfed our country is depleting our healthcare system as well as defeating millions of healthcare workers nationwide. VolunteerSurge, created by the Yale School of Public Health, aims to train volunteer health workers to handle basic caretaking tasks, so that medical professionals can continue to fight on the front lines. Those who are interested can become volunteer nursing assistants by completing online training. The online training, which is hosted on Absorb LMS and produced by General George Casey in tandem with the Yale School of Public Health, consists of a series of videos and can be completed in about 30 hours. Once trained, nursing assistants will have a choice between helping patients in their own communities or remotely through a telehealth system.

VolunteerSurge has partnered with ADP WorkMarket and salesforce.com to accurately and efficiently match graduates with volunteer opportunities across the country. Matches are based in part on the profile volunteers create after joining the network, which includes special skills and areas of interest. Additionally, volunteers can discover new postings and complete assignments through an app called WorkMarket. The platform also has a resume-building feature and can connect volunteers with prospective partners.

For more information, go to volunteersurge.com.

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