Having A Ball At Barcadia

08:18 August 24, 2016
By: Emily Hingle

Located in a hip spot right in the heart of the Warehouse District, you can combine your love of gourmet food, excellent alcohol selections and a need for speed at Barcadia: an adult-friendly entertainment zone for the young (up until 9 p.m.) and the young at heart. We got a chance to visit the upscale-arcade to try out their tasty foods, and to get our game on. Needless to say, I'm the air hockey master! 

Our meal began with the ever-popular Cheese Curds with Marinara sauce. Think of fried mozzerella, but creamier. Barcadia also supplied us with three types of boneless chicken wings, but I have to say that I'm rooting for the teriyaki-style. We couldn't help but have some roaming appetizers like Fried Oreos, Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwiches, and yet still ordered tacos and Sloppy Fries. So much yum!

Now, when I've previously played at Barcadia, I usually imbibe beer; it just seems like a good gametime drink. But I was very impressed by their lineup of craft cocktails including B. Matt's Apple Bottom, Barcadia Bomber, Strawberry Moonshine Lemonade and the rather delectable Mango Sangria. The fruity, rich flavors complimented our intense game of giant Jenga very well. 

Being kind of nerdy, I will be back on Monday to check out trivia, but there's a full lineup of activites always on tap at Barcadia that you can check out here. Good gaming!

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