Hatebreed Rocks Republic

13:05 May 30, 2016
By: Anna Young

Last Thursday night, metalcore band Hatebreed performed at Republic as a part of their Concrete Confessional tour, which has brought them across the States and overseas to countries in Europe. The last time Hatebreed came to New Orleans, they performed for a packed audience at Champions Square last year as a part of Slipknot’s "Prepare for Hell" tour. This time around, the band stopped by as part of their tour supporting their new album by the same name, accompanied with bands DevilDriver and Devil You Know as openers.

Listeners of any particular album would have been satisfied with the performance, as Hatebreed switched between material from their seven albums spanning across 20 years. The setlist came from Billboard-charted albums and included songs like “Looking Down the Barrel of Today”, “Destroy Everything”, and “Live like This”— a song that landed the band with a Grammy nomination in 2005.

The energy between the band and crowd remained constant throughout the night. Frontman Jamey Jasta requested raised fists and made comments about past memories of New Orleans and his appreciation for the dedicated fans before announcing the next song to blast within the venue. Those in front of the stage and within the VIP balcony chanted the lyrics, while the back of the pit remained relatively spacious, besides the mosh pit which both expanded and diminished for different songs. Others leaned across the bar and nodded their heads, sure to steer clear of the occasional rampant mosher who landed at their feet. By the end of the night, the band exited with Jasta’s shoutouts to the crowd, stating his hopes to perform in the city again.

Hatebreed Rocks Republic


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