Harn Solo- Journey to the Sky

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: 2Fik
harn solo
[Courtesy of Reaching Higher Records]

Harn Solo

Journey to the Sky

Harn Solo has put out another record, which counts as number eight for this NOLAbased emcee via Ohio. Journey to the Sky is a continuation of his adventures as a rap artist; at this point in his career, Harn Solo has now introduced his music to the world, having traveled as far as Europe. It's ten tracks with guest vocals from The Cartel, who help him on the song "Monumental," where he talks of a rags-to-riches life, or at least an assumed one. Harn Solo usually chooses to keep the music simple, and in the past, has kept sampling to a minimum. On this new record, he went with live instrumentation, with the help of New Orleans musicians produced by Pro Prospek and Coco Dank, a refreshing change from the standard of sampling we're accustomed to in hip-hop. "Star Status" is my favorite song, with a great drumbeat and a driving bass line. His vocal style is consistently amusing, yet unique, and you can't help but smile at what seems to be a comedic take on rap vocals, but the refi nement he's attained at this point in the game shows that he's quite serious and in actuality is not making fun of Eminem.

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