Greg Schatz- Where The River Meets the Railroad Tracks

00:00 January 29, 2014
By: 2Fik

[Courtesy of Hot Spazz Records]

Greg Schatz

Where The River Meets the Railroad Tracks

Hot Spazz Records

Greg Schatz, aka "Schatzy," has put out his fourth solo record Where The River Meets the Railroad Tracks, a collection of originals that fi t perfectly with his humble sense of humor and philosophies on life's exchanges.

Greg Schatz moved from New York to New Orleans in the mid-'90s, and started off playing upright bass with Jeremy Lyons of the Delta Billy Boys. Having become a downtown music fi gure since then, it's no surprise to see some of the amazing musicians backing him up. The core band is Schatz on bass, piano, organ and lead vocals. Alex McMurray plays guitars, and Doug Garrison on drums. Other contributors are Helen Gillet on cello and Joe Cabral on baritone saxophone, among others, helping Schatz give the songs a New Orleans sound.

Lyrically, the record has a playful sentiment whether talking about his baby's love or preferring NOLA to New York... or maybe it's the other way around. I liked "Lip Service," that has a slow and easy harmonica solo with vocals and rhythm to match. "Mama Gonna School You" is another great song where the bass tends to dominate with playful piano lines that get stuck in your head. There's a lot of New Orleans horn playing on the record that compliments the already warm and cozy sway of Schatz's sentiment through his piano and voice. Get a copy for your stereo, make a mimosa, and let these 12 tracks put you in a great mood.

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